Motion to Kill by Joel Goldman

Joel Goldman introduces us to Lou Mason, a corporate lawyer turned reluctant detective, in Motion to Kill. Mason is thrust in to the midst of the murder investigation of a senior partner at his law firm after that partner asks him to compromise his ethics. The first murder leads to more murder, attempted murder, beatings, job loss, uncovered secrets, and vandalism among other things. Mason is forced to face a position he'd never dreamed possible - deciding in a split second if he can take another life to save his own. Goldman weaves twists and turns through Motion to Kill that at times leaves the reader wondering if the book is about to end and who can be trusted. Then he jerks, in an engaging way,  the reader in another direction opening a whole new line of possibilities for the story to go. Mason's friend, Blue, has a tendency to steal scenes with a quiet, unfaltering ease and confidence that is the perfect counterpoint to Lou's insecurity and tendency to flounder. Goldman leaves the leader satisfied that justice is served but wanting more of Mason and Blue in Motion to Kill.


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