Golf Girl's Little Tartan Book by Patricia Harrington

Golf Girl's Little Tartan Book by Patricia Hannigan has me gushing over it. I don't usually gush over books, but you'll have to indulge me this one. Patricia's short, well-written book addresses all those silly concerns women tend to give themselves over the game of golf with a great sense of humor and gentle reassures that it's perfectly fine to be the woman you are when on the course. I couldn't believe how many times I caught myself going "Oh, darn, I do that." or "Shoot, I worry about that." I laughed out loud through the entire "Squeeze and Swing" chapter. Best advice ever for women golfers!! The book inspired me to finally get up the courage to go play the local par 3 course, and I kept remembering that chapter all day!! Fabulous little book for all women golfers if for no other reason than Hannigan encourages and reminds us that it's okay to just play for fun and to stop worrying about all the nonsense. I love the way she incorporates anecdotes with the tips and inserts tips into the anecdotes. This book is a keeper. I will refer to it again and again for tips, encouragement, and that little reminder that it's all about having fun!!


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