The Writer's Workout by Christina Katz

Christina Katz's latest book, The Writer's Workout, encourages writers to strengthen their skills, increase their endurance, and stretch their limitations as they train for the marathon that is the writing life. Like fitness in life, a writer's career is only healthy if the writer devotes proper time and attention to developing strength, endurance, and flexibility. Katz provides 366 short essays that inspire, educate, and encourage writers to keep their writing careers in shape no matter where they're at in their career. Katz pours her years of experience writing and teaching into the pages of The Writer's Workout. Each essay reminds the writer to nurture his/her career with growth and prosperity in mind. Katz remains consistent with her teachings throughout the book expanding on the teachings as they need to grow in a writer's career. The Writer's Workout is a workout every writer needs to do to keep his/her career healthy, productive, and prosperous.


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