Baby Shark's Beaumont Blues by Robert Fate

Baby Shark's Beaumont Blues by Robert Fate pulls the reader into the world P. I. Kristin Van Dijk confronts on a daily basis as she and her partner, Otis Millett, strive to set right the wrongs of the world with their own brand of justice. Never quite vigilantes but never quite angels either, Kristin and Otis confront dangerous criminals and rescue the damsel in distress even as they wonder just how much distress the damsel is actually experiencing. Injuries, love interests, police investigations, and gangsters all attempt to get in the way of Kristin and Otis saving the girl. Even the lawyer who hired them to find her becomes an obstacle to their success as they are distracted by the need to save him. With millions of dollars at stake, the safety of the young but hated heiress is important to a multitude of people. Though the pages are riddled with dead bodies - I lost count at some point - somehow the violence never feels gratuitous. After all, Kristin and Otis have a policy to only kill those who deserve it. Baby Shark's Beaumont Blues is an exciting read filled characters that make the reader want to know them better. Fate balances Kristin's stuggle to balance her strength and feminity in a way that captures the reader's imagination leaving the reader desperate to find out what happens to Kristin Van Dijk next.


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