Sunday, May 6, 2012

One Under the Sun by Vincent Spada

Vincent Spada's collection of poetry, One Under the Sun, examines the role human beings play on Earth.  Spada's poetry touches on person examination, relationships, interpersonal interactions, and the human relationship with the World.  Spada excels as mixing introspection and personal responsibility for the fate of humankind in One Under the Sun.  The poems leave the reader feeling the dirt under your feet, the wind on your face, the ash from fire's destruction and the drowning of love in water.  The reader will hear the screech of animals losing their lives and their homes as well as the cries of lovers torn away from one another.  Spada immerses the reader in the darkness of travelling through one's own thoughts and the light of coming out a better person able to accept one's imperfections.  With a mix of long poems and short poems as well as serious and lighthearted poems, Spada keeps the reader entertained and engaged while putting forth the message that people need to be more engaged with themselves, with other human beings, and with the Earth because, after all, we are all One Under the Sun.

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