Orlando, Florida - Cedars Restaurant - 2011 Trip

 Cedars Restaurant, located at 7732 W. Sand Lake Road, serves Lebanese cuisine. Our waitress was attentive and helpful. She spoke Arabic with my husband but was always careful to then include me by saying something in English. Little did she know that it didn't bother me, but the effort was appreciated. When I inquired about vegetarian fare, she recommended the vegetarian sampler of appetizers. My husband ordered the Kibbeh Bi Laban. My vegetarian sampler came with hummus, falafel, tabouleh, and fatayer (spinach pies). It usually comes with baba ghanouj, but I'm not a fan so she substituted extra falafel. My sampler was good even thought I don't really like cooked spinach. The fatayer was well cooked though ,and my husband enjoyed it. He liked his Kibbeh Bi Laban. We split an order of knafe for dessert. It tasted good. The temperature in the restaurant was quite cold, but the patio is their smoking section. We didn't move. Cold versus cigarette smoke is an easy decision for me - cold. While the general atmosphere is nice with white table cloths and a slightly formal feel, no one balked at our casual shorts. Dining at Cedars left a smile on my face.


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