Secretariat is based on the true story of the Triple Crown winner who also broke records for the fastest run race, but it's also the story of Penny Chenery Tweedy, played by Diane Lane. As others have pointed out, it isn't a documentary, it's a Disney film. Scretariat is riveting and beautiful. Reality of the times is hinted at but never examined thoroughly. Penny Chenery Tweedy stepped into a world run by men and triumphed. She was Secretariat's Champion in the movie, and perhaps in real life as well. Her bravery and determination shine through in the movie though I have to question whether it was as easy for her to make inroads as the movie portrays. Still, it is a shining example of the courage of the women who paved a way to make things easier for women today. Sometimes we forget that women had to stand up against preconceptions that placed them in lesser roles in days past. The movie is quite enjoyable but I think would've benefited by a few more horse training and racing scenes.The movie worked hard to portray the relationship between Penny Chenery Tweedy and Secretariat as well as her relationship with other people, but seemed to miss a bit of the glory of other horse racing movies that really focus on preparing the horse for the track. Secretariat is an inspiring, uplifting film that will encourage the watcher to keep working for their dreams.


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