If Cooks Could Kill by Joanne Pence

In If Cooks Could Kill, Joanne Pence continues the story of Angie Amalfi and her love interest, Inspector Paavo Smith. Angie is so enthralled with her engagement, she's pushing all her friends into love connections and embarrassing Paavo with romantic gift after gift at his work. Angie's behavior seems a little sophomoric, but then again Angie tends to not think things through. When Angie's best friend, Connie, is framed for murder, Angie jumps into the investigation determined to clear Connie. Angie and Connie find themselves running from dangerous situation to dangerous situation all the while Paavo is busy solving the murder and a series of crimes related to it. Coincidences in his investigation lead Paavo to Angie's rescue more than once. Fans of cozy mysteries will enjoy the fun and humor Pence dispenses in If Cooks Could Kill.


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