Lake Park, Florida - The Pelican Cafe - 2011 Trip

The Pelican Cafe, 612 US Highway, brings a smile to one's face before one even enters the door. Guests, okay customers, are greeted with a light, natural floral smell - jasmine, I think - upon exiting their vehicles in the parking lot. The entrance looks like the front porch to a home where everyone is always welcome. Stepping inside, we were greeted by a hostess, who I later learned is one of the restaurant's owners. She took the time to ask about our day and chitchat a minute about the weather before showing us to our seats. Her smile and her interest were genuine. Service was friendly and bustling as well as attentive without being intrusive. As locals wandered in to the restaurant, we got a feel for the homey atmostphere enjoyed by patrons. It wasn't only the decor, it was the way the staff interacted with people - like they were family or at least good friends stopping by for a visit. We ordered the Egg White Frittata and the Blueberry Pancakes along with cappachinos. The Egg White Fittata tasted really good but be prepared for a hearty serving of spinach in it. The Blueberry Pancakes were excellent. As we left, the co-owner who'd greeted us as we entered invited us back with a large smile. It felt more like leaving a party than a restaurant. I love places that make you smile whenever you think of them, and The Pelican Cafe is certainly that. Southern hospitality at its best permeates this inviting restaurant.


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