And Those Left Behind by Sean Ramage


Opening with Mary’s funeral, And Those Left Behind delves into the depths of Steven’s grief as he dedicates his life to honoring his wife’s memory and the life they’d began together.  As Steven dedicates his life to making the list of dreams they made together come true and raising their three daughters, he struggles with his emotions as he gets to know Ellen, a woman who works at the bed and breakfast he buys.  And Those Left Behind is a wonderful story to curl up in your favorite chair with a glass of your favorite wine and spend an evening transported to the Tennessee mountains while losing yourself in the romance of the enduring commitment and love Sean Ramage brings so to life in Steven and Steven’s memories of Mary.  It’s a story that will touch the romantic in you even if you think you don’t have a romantic bone in your body and possibly even make you appreciate your time with those you love just a little more than when you picked it up. 


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