Baby Shark by Robert Fate

Readers will be torn between wanting to protect Baby Shark, aka Kristen Van Dijk, and wanting her to protect them in Robert Fate’s debut novel, Baby Shark.  The book is populated with a cast of characters that intrigue, frighten, and inspire all at once.  As the various characters help Kristen to identify and enhance her strengths and recognize her weaknesses, readers will be forced to look at themselves a little bit closer while longing for this type of support system in their own lives.  Anyone who has ever felt vulnerable will recognize the actions taken to achieve justice from their fantasies.  Fate manages to give a sense of realism to the fantasies that live in the minds of the victimized.  Baby Shark is a well written, fast paced read that will leave the reader cheering for Kristen and feeling her pain, determination, and strength.  Kristen is a character readers will long to know better.


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