Napa Valley, California - Beringer - 2004 Trip

We stopped at Beringer for two reasons.  One. my husband wanted to take photos of the incredibly beautiful grounds.  Two, they were offering a special tasting of port and chocolate in honor of the Valentine’s Day/President’s Day weekend.  A regular tasting was also being offered, but the regular tours were closed due to the holiday weekend.  We walked around the gift shop and the outdoor area between Rhine house and the Carriage House before heading into Rhine House for the tasting the second floor.  Walking up the stairs, we stopped to admire, and photograph, the lovely stained glass windows.  The port and chocolate were served in a small bar at the top of the stairs.  We tasted a 1988 Vintage Port of Cabernet Sauvignon with a piece of cherry bark chocolate and a 1998 Vintage Port of Cabernet Sauvignon with a raspberry truffle.  The chocolates really enhanced the experience of the Port.  We bought two bottles of the 1998 as we enjoyed its flavor a little more than the 1988.  We’ve discovered, due to this experience, that a divine way to top off a meal is with a glass of Port and a chocolate.  The tasting was worth every penny of the $10.00 per person we paid.  Please be aware, however, that Beringer only sells its Port through its gift shop and website at the present time.

PS - Since this review originally appeared on my website in 2004, I have found the Port in a few stores though it's still not available just anywhere.

Learn more about Beringer.


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