Birmingham, United Kingdom - IPEX 2006

In 2006, I got the opportunity to visit IPEX while on a business trip with my husband, who works for Hewlett Packard.  He got me an exhibitor’s pass.  I was surprised at how interesting I found the trade show.  I came away with the conclusion that writers, if the chance presents itself, should check out a printing trade show.  While the printers at the show were used for everything from brochures and booklets to book covers and books, seeing this part of the industry served as a reminder how interconnected these worlds can be.

Hewlett Packard’s Digital Printing display and show were interesting and informative if a bit overly dramatic and at times bordering on condescending, but most of the companies' presentations were.  Seeing the large printers used for signage and printing personalized commercial documents was fascinating.  I came away with a whole bag full of items with my photo and my name on them as did everyone who watched the show.

I was also filmed as part of the digital camera display for the “commercial” HP had filmed for internal use.  That was fun! (I got a copy of it.)

Oce provided samples of a book cover as well as the book itself.  The sample was quite well done.

Xerox, Canon, and Heidelberg all provided very large and interesting displays.

The mere size of many of the printers is almost overwhelming.  IPEX took up at least 10 halls of the NEC in Birmingham, England.  The crowds of professionals exploring the massive display of technology are sure to find something of interest for their companies.

Many of the exhibitors, particularly the larger ones, offer demonstrations and sample products.

Maybe it was my love of the printed word or maybe it was just the electric atmosphere of IPEX, but I was suddenly inspired to write after my visit.

Note: IPEX takes place in Birmingham every four years.  IPEX 2010 was in May.


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