Chicago, Illinois - Grill on the Alley - 2006 Trip

The Grill on the Alley is located inside the Westin Hotel.  I ate in the bar because it was a Saturday evening and I didn’t have a reservation for the dining room.  They serve the same food in both areas.  I ate scallops, mushrooms, and drank a Red Velvet.  The three large scallops served in a rich sauce and with half a lemon were tasty, but the meal seemed lacking without vegetables.  I ordered sautéed mushrooms to complete the meal.  They were simple but good.  The Red Velvet was good but not something I’m likely to order again.  In all honesty, the pomegranate martini I make at home is better.  Smoking is allowed in parts of the bar, but no one was smoking in the area where I sat.  The décor was simple and tasteful but not wowing.  My dinner for one was over thirty dollars.  The service was excellent.  My water only got to the half-full mark when I took a large drink just before leaving.


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