Chicago, Illinois - Souk - 2006 Trip

I was glad we took a taxi to Souk because I surely would’ve missed it if we drove ourselves.  The restaurant is in a somewhat nondescript building – at least from the outside.  Inside paintings of belly dancers adorn the red and gold interior.  While they also often have live entertainment, there wasn’t any the Tuesday night we were there.  The service was excellent.  I ordered the Souk kabob which consists of kefta, chicken kabobs, and sirloin kabobs.  It’s served with cardamom rice, tomatoes, and red onions.  My husband ordered the lamb shank.  For appetizers we ordered the combination platter.  All the food was delicious.  We enjoyed a relaxing, enjoyable dinner.

Note: And for those of you wondering - yes, souk means market in Arabic and generally refers to an open-air market in the Middle East.


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