The Epsilon Eridani Alternative by Beth Groundwater

The Epsilon Eridani Alternative by Beth Groundwater explores issues we face today such as the abuse of the resources Earth provides in this intriguing tale about a group of people sent to settle on a new planet with the hopes it will provide salvation for the people of Earth.  When the couples find the cryogenics used to slow their aging didn’t work, the hope of populating the new planet with human beings is dashed.  The colonists also realize communicating back to Earth the results of their findings will take too long.  The colonists begin experimenting with the stem cells from the planet’s inhabitants to restore the colonists’ youth until unexpected consequences occur.  Groundwater creates a world filled with characters the reader will alternately like and dislike, agree with and disagree with, root for and root against because of their complexity.  Her exploration of the issues within the pages is both insightful and balanced.  The reader will question the decisions the characters make on both sides of the issues they are facing.  The Epsilon Eridani Alternative is a fast, enjoyable read by an author who is both skilled and talented.


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