Eugene Ballet Performance of Dark Side of the Moon February 13, 2010

(Note: This review first appeared on by other blog, Write with TLC.  Enjoy!)

Saturday night my husband and I watched the Eugene Ballet perform Dark Side of the Moon, a ballet based on and performed to music from Pink Floyd's album, Dark Side of the Moon at The Hult Center in Eugene, Oregon.  The performance was incredibly well executed and quite beautiful. 
They started the evening with two shorter ballets, Without the Cover, exploring societal constraints and people breaking free, and Common Ground, an exploration of the constant struggle between nature, science, and industry.  Both Without the Cover and Common Ground were visually interesting and well executed.  Common Ground, at times was a bit too "natural" but was stunning in its presentation of message.

The star of the evening was the main event, Dark Side of the Moon.  With The Floydian Slips, a Pink Floyd Tribute Band, playing live behind the performers, the event's energy was magical.  The dancers performed classical ballets moves interspersed with modern dances moves seamlessly.  The vocals of the songs lent a depth to the movements on stage that left me breathless.  Several times during the performance, I mouthed "Oh my God" as I marvelled at the power of the performance.  The stunning visual effect mesmerized me.  When spontaneous applause broke out in the audience at what would have seemed inappropriate times during any other ballet it broke me out of the my trance.  The energy the dancers put into the moves and the joy with which they performed was apparent and spellbinding.
The performance by The Floydian Slips was very well done.  I've seen Pink Floyd in concert, so I was a bit concerned I wouldn't be able to give this part of the performance a fair chance.  The Floydian Slips capture the spirit and the essence of Pink Floyd's music very well.

The collaboration between the Eugene Ballet and The Floydians Slips created a memorable, enjoyable, interesting, playful, fun performance that was visually stunning and musically satisfying!
This was by far the best ballet performance I've seen yet!

Now, if I may make a suggestion.  Eugene Ballet, how about The Wall next year?  What do you think? 


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