Sunday, May 6, 2012

Forcing Amaryllis by Louise Ure

Forcing Amaryllis by Louise Ure steps outside the formulaic mystery with a touching and engaging story about a sister's determination to find justice for her sister, Amaryllis, a rape and attempted murder victim.  Calla Gentry is assigned to work as a jury consultant as part of the defense team of an accused rapist and murderer.  Calla see eerie similarities to her sister's case, but then must reconcile the differences in Amaryllis's account of her account and the facts of the current case.  Amaryllis's comatose state as a result of a suicide attempt make her unavailable to help with the case.  Calla's discoveries take her on a path that uncovers a string of victims that haunt her.  Calla's search jeopardizes her job, her relationships, her sense of self, and her life.  Ure creates a character in Calla who is searching to regain her strength and sense of self.  Her struggle will leave the reader wanting to know her better and who will stay with the reader well beyond the final page of the book.

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