The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

The Historian takes the reader around the world and through history in a thoroughly engaging read.  Elizabeth Kostova immerses the reader in a quest to uncover the legend of Dracula in order to keep him from being unleashed on the world.  The Historian provides glimpses into political situations through history and around the world without being overtly political though occasionally it did feel a bit like a history lesson.  The relationships of the main characters as well as their relationship to the Dracula legend keep the reader entranced as secrets are uncovered and love blooms.  Kostova shows the pitfalls a drive to find answers brings when the quest and discovery force realities and dangers into the lives of the characters populating the book.  Kostova manages to make the reader believe, even if for just the time it takes to read The Historian, Dracula could really exist in this exploration of the bloodline and legend of Dracula.


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