Spanish Lessons by Derek Lambert


I picked up Spanish Lessons while visiting Spain and quickly became engrossed in the storyline alternately laughing, smiling, and even frowning.  As Lambert and family settle into a small village in Spain, they’re faced with language barriers, a different work ethic, unexpected climate changes, new foods as well as different traditions, beliefs, and ways of living.  Still with all the differences shown in the book there are striking similarities such as acceptance and the need for it, friendship, and love of family that the Lambert family discover in their adjustment to their new home.  A smile comes to the face when reading stories that paint the author as so heroic to give the reader the impression of fiction especially as these stories seem to be there to demonstrate his taking on some of the habits of those he’s met along the way.  Lambert creates a story that envelops the reader in a whole new culture right along with his family and him.


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