Las Vegas, Nevada - The Strip - 2005 Trip

There are so many hotels and things to see, The Strip can begin to run together in your mind if you try to take it all in too quickly.  The walkways, streets, and sidewalks are crowded and ooze a frenzied energy night and day.  Don’t try to rush or to fit everything into one short trip.  Pick a couple of places you really want to see and a few activities you really want to do and concentrate on those.  Be sure to take time to stop and enjoy the water and music show at The Bellagio.  It is quite beautiful and worth stopping for the less than five minutes of music playing to a song.  We saw a show to Elton John’s “Your Song” as well as a couple of Sinatra songs.  Wear comfortable shoes if you plan to walk much, and most likely you will even if you don’t plan on it.  There is always something to do or see on The Strip, so choose something and enjoy it.  Otherwise, you run the risk of your memories being as fuzzy and frenzied as The Strip itself.


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