LIttle Gods by David L. Hoof

Little Gods opens as a group of boys at a prestigious private school are deeply affected by the mysterious – at least to the outside world - disappearance of a favored classmate, Cody Boyle.  Twenty-three years later, Cody’s disappearance still shapes the lives of some of his classmates including Travis Mathers, Cody’s best friend.  As Travis struggles to accept the secrets he’s uncovered about the school, he must also decide if exposing them is worth the pain the exposure will cause the people for which he cares deeply.  Hoof takes the reader on a journey through human reactions and sincere emotions without over-sentimentality as he reveals the secret underpinnings that reach beyond the school’s reality – the kind of secrets that stay hidden because most people don’t want to face their existence.  Little Gods is at once engaging, intriguing, and entertaining while feeling all too plausible in the world in which we live.


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