Making the Perfect Pitch by Katarine Sands

If you’ve ever wished for the opportunity to interview the top literary agents in America, read Making the Perfect Pitch. Katharine Sands compiled a book of essays by as well as interviews with agents.  While some essays and interviews are better than others, each one will provide information about the agent helping you decide whether or not to approach the agent for possible representation.  Sometimes as I was reading, I could sense that an agent wouldn’t be the right one for me just from an attitude, a statement, or a point of view.  This isn’t a criticism of the agent, I just knew my personality wouldn’t mesh with the person.  That creates a time savings for a writer looking for an agent.  On the other hand, there were many agents whose essay/interview made me take notice.  With titles like How Much is a Black Dress?, How I Learned to Sell Sex, Dean and Rock ‘n’ Roll, and In the Singles Bar of the Literary Persuasion, to name a few, these essays are certain to intrigue, inform, and , dare I say, entertain.  Making the Perfect Pitch is a valuable read for anyone searching for a literary agent.

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