Submission Guidelines for Authors Wishing to Request a Review

As I currently have a backlog of books to read and review, I have decided to take a hiatus from accepting books for my reviews queue. I will post an announcement when I'm able to accept books for review again. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

While most of the books I review are books I read and enjoy enough to want to share with other people, there are times when authors contact me to review their books.  If you are an author and you'd like me to review your book on Reviews with TLC as well as Amazon, Goodreads, and Shelfari, you can contact me at

Keep the following in mind when contacting me about the book you'd like me to review.

I only read and review books that interest me.  I don't feel I can give a fair review of a book that is on a topic that doesn't interest me.  Your book may be the best book ever on the topic, but if I'm not interested I likely won't be able to judge it fairly.

Please include the following in your request email to aid in my decision making:
  • Title of Book
  • Author Name
  • A brief (think back cover/inside flap summary) description of the book
  • Number of pages
  • Release date of the book if it's an ARC or still in manuscript form
  • Whether you'd like me to read it as a pdf, hard copy, or Kindle book
  • Where the book is available for purchase
Once I receive the above information, I'll decide if it's a book I feel I am interested in reading and reviewing.  If so, I'll email you my interest.

Reviews will based entirely on my experience reading the book.

I will make no promises about when the book will be reviewed.  I will read and review books on a first come, first serve basis.  Reviews will be posted when completed and the author will receive an email notification.  I reserve the right to post any review on Goodreads, Shelfari, Facebook, and any other site I deem appropriate. Authors have the right to post the reviews in full or in part on any site they deem appropriate as long as they provide proper credit and link back to Reviews with TLC.

I reserve the right to refuse to review any book that I feel doesn't meet the standards of reading I want to provide my readers or that simply doesn't hold my interest for whatever reason.  The books I review will be fully at my discretion.

I reserve the right to alter these guidelines as the need arises without providing advance notice.


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