Welcome to the New Reviews with TLC

Welcome to Reviews with TLC!

I started reviewing books on my website several years ago, so I could share books I enjoyed with other people. I hope to bring attention to authors readers may have overlooked or never heard of with my reviews blog.

Shortly thereafter, I decided to add reviews of places I visited, restaurants I enjoyed, and events I attended in order to help those planning a trip make more informed choices.

After a while I discovered it was easier to write reviews on a blog, so I created the first version of Reviews with TLC. That went well but the blog didn't offer me all the options I wanted for posting.

Now, I'm moving that blog to here! This, hopefully, will be the forever home of Reviews with TLC!

Over the next couple of months, I'll be moving my old reviews to the new blog before going live with new reviews. As I don't want to mix new reviews in with old reviews, new reviews will still be posted on the old blog and moved in the order written.

So check back frequently to check out what books I've enjoyed and reviewed. Who knows you may just find a little something you like!

Let's read together!


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