Where Angels Fear by Sunny Frazier

Beginning with the stiletto boots and whip on the cover, Where Angels Fear pulls the reader into a labyrinth of death, domination, and fear with just the right number of humorous turns.  As Christy Bristol and her best friend, Lennie, uncover things Christy would rather not know existed and Lennie seems all too eager to explore, the reader feels both characters reactions intensely.  The reader often feels torn between wanting to see more and yet to not really know just like Christy without her glasses in a room full of sexually charged strangers.  Christy’s use of astrology is compelling and detailed perfectly leaving the reader both satisfied and wanting more.  Sunny Frazier manages to immerse the reader into an underground sex world, the internal workings of Christy Bristol, and a murder investigation so completely, the reader feels Christy’s conflicting response to the investigation, her pain when she fears she’ll lose her boyfriend, her embarrassment when her ex-boyfriend places her in his squad car, and her bewilderment at learning her neighbors may be less inhibited than she’d imagined.  Frazier has created a character in Christy Bristol that readers will gladly welcome into their living rooms in book after book to see how she grows and to learn more about how she uses her gift for astrology.  Where Angels Fear is a delightful, fun read that proves Frazier has no fear as a writer.

Note: I want those boots...


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