Writing in an Age of Silence by Sara Paretsky

Sara Paretsky’s Writing in an Age of Silence is a touching and well-written memoir.  Paretsky points to her early home life as well as books and authors as influences for her future as a writer.  She explains how working on the south side of Chicago during the Civil Rights movement influenced the creation of her series character, VI Warshawski.  She exposes the prejudice against women writers that lead to the creation of Sisters in Crime and the continuing struggle women face for equality.  She discuesses the erosion of American’s rights.  Readers may not always agree with Paretsky’s point of view on the issues, but she presents her arguments in a well written way that’s sure to provoke discussion.  Paretsky ties in how each part of her life has affected her writing career.  Writing in an Age of Silence isn’t a writing guide.  Paretsky reminds readers that writers are influenced by the lives they lead, the things they read, and the issues that matter to them.

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