Fools Rush in by Sunny Frazier

Sunny Frazier introduces Christy Bristol, a witty, smart astrologer, in Fools Rush In.  Serious crimes, complicated relationships, and personal realizations are interwoven with beautiful scenery and a humorous touch that keeps the reader intrigued and entertained.  The setting in Fools Rush In is so alive and vivid it almost becomes a character of its own as the reader is transported from the comfort of Christy’s apartment to the dirty, rundown, large home of the drug dealer holding Christy captive for her astrological abilities to the rural setting where Christy realizes the gravity of the danger she faces.  Although I’ve never really taken to the idea of astrology, Frazier’s description of Christy writing the natal horoscopes made me want to have mine done.  Frazier manages to humanize not only the law enforcement but also the criminals in her book creating a dimension to her characters is sometimes lacking in mysteries.


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