Napa Valley, California - Balloons Above the Valley - 2004 Trip

Gliding up into the sky, cold air on my face, warmth from the hot air powering the balloon, and my husband’s arms around me brought a smile to my face.  An hour soaring over vineyards, wineries, and the homes of Napa Valley was both peaceful and exhilarating.  Booking our flight was easily accomplished through a phone call.  Online reservations are also available, but as our trip was planned quickly and over a holiday weekend, we opted to call when we didn’t hear back immediately from our online query.  We met the group at the Marriott in Napa and were bussed to the launch site.  Each basket held as many as sixteen passengers and the pilot.  Our flight was wonderful.  Our landing, however, was a rather bumpy when our descent happened a little faster than anticipated and the basket caught the wire used to train the grapevines in one of the vineyards and pulled one of the posts out of the ground.  After a couple of tries, we landed safely on the ground.  We were then bussed back to the Marriott where we were served breakfast and sparkling wine, Domaine Chandon Blanc de Noir.  Even with our near crash, the balloon ride was something I’d do again without hesitation.
To learn more or book your flight over Napa Valley, visit Balloons Above the Valley.


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